Vers un marketing d’influence plus éthique

Towards more ethical influencer marketing

The impact of social networks continues to grow, and so does influencer marketing!

8 out of 10 people make a purchase following the recommendation of an influencer (Rakuten)

The influencers have the role of prescribers, they give advice on use by presenting themselves with the brand's product while informing about the benefits and composition of the product presented.

Influencer marketing has existed for around ten years but has not necessarily been framed in the right way.

Today we aim to make it more ethical, in particular by putting at the heart of partnerships: transparency, respect for each partner, honesty in recommendations.

The objective is not to sell at all costs, but to improve the purchasing experience and provide security to consumers who do not have the possibility of verifying the conformity of a brand's products.

It is important to maintain this bond of trust between the influencer and their community.

Today it is essential to put authenticity and transparency at the heart of exchanges in order to gain the trust of Internet users.

Consumers want confident partnerships with brands that influencers really appreciate.

Our solution is as follows: bring together influencers, brands and shoppers in a single space for greater proximity and authenticity.

You can now find on our website the profiles of our exceptional muses, each as authentic and passionate as the next!

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